The multinational partner of choice strategy has delivered attractive value as Adcock Ingram diversifies its revenue streams and decreases its dependence on mature products.

CEO, Jonathan Louw

Salient features

Turnover from continuing operations increased 14% to R2,2 billion
EBITDA from continuing operations increased 3% to R580 million
HEPS from continuing operations decreased 1%
Distribution per share increased 4% to
81 cents
2,5% of issued ordinary shares bought back




Headline earnings

The Group achieved headline earnings for the six months ended 31 March 2011 of R382,2 million. This represents a 3,0% decrease from the comparable figure for 2010 of R393,5 million. After including the effects of a share buy-back of 2,5% of issued shares by a subsidiary in the Group, this translates into a decrease of 1% from continuing operations at both the headline earnings per share (HEPS) and earnings per share (EPS) level. This result was achieved during a period in which Adcock Ingram was allocated a disappointing 4% of the Anti-retroviral (ARV) tender, saw the temporary suspension of sales of dextropropoxyphene-containing (DPP) products and experienced significant upgrade-related production disruptions in its Critical Care facility.

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Financial Statements

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arrow Consolidated abridged statements of cash flows
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